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Elite connections llc

Empowering, Leading, Connecting

We are happy to be the bridge between the life you have and the life that you are creating. We have partnered with stay-at-home moms, retirees, and even veterans to bring opportunities to make extra income right to their homes. It brings us great joy to have you be a part of our team. We take the time to help you find the best client opportunity so that you pick the right client from the very beginning.

Why us?

Why Not Us?

Here’s the truth, there are many Arise Call Center Companies that charge outrageous service fees, that are not upfront with your pay and that will lock you in dead-end contracts. In fact, this is why created we created this company. We understand how it is to be nickeled and dime for the money only you worked hard for, in fact, we were you! We started off as agents that were tired of the runaround. This is why we will always have 100% transparency with your hourly pay as well as any bonuses or commissions that you earn. We charge a flat fee of $49.95 per invoice, which covers the cost of doing business with us and Arise.