Don’t want to service every weekend? Here’s the Secret!

The loop hole to not working every weekend!

Some Arise clients don’t require you to work weekends however, most will. Don’t worry you should only be concerned if you were working a traditional job that would want to rob you of your weekend fun, however you Elite Connections client opportunities are everything but traditional!

Most clients will require you to work a minimum of 5 hours on the weekend. A weekend is considered Saturday and Sunday only. This means that you could either work 2.5 hours each Saturday and Sunday totaling out to 5 hours for the weekend or work 5 hours on one day satisfy your SOW (Statement of Work) agreement.

So I know you are wondering, well how are will ever have a free weekend?

Here’s the loop hole, are you ready? Arise schedule is from Sunday to Saturday and not Monday to Sunday. A traditional Monday through Friday work week will mean every Saturday and/ Sunday you would have to work 5 hours because that is measured at one week. Since Arise schedule is Sunday to Saturday your two weekend days don’t fall within the same week, however for this to work you will have to work two weeks out the month and service all 5 hours on a Sunday.

Confused? Here’s the visual.

Follow these steps to have every other weekend off.

  1. Grab a calendar and choose what weekends you would like off.
  2. Then circle the Sunday before that weekend. That’s the day you must work all 5 hours on.

Note: You make your own schedule therefore you don’t have to work all 5 hour straight. Break up the hours at your pleasure.

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